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2016 NBA Team Needs - Eastern Conference

Atlantic Division

Boston Celtics - C, PF, SG

The Celtics sorely need a true big man who can deter opponents from attacking the rim at will as Sullinger, Olynyk, and Zeller are just rotation guys at best. Bradley is solid at shooting guard, but an upgrade there wouldn't be bad, especially if that person is a shooter as Boston lacks floor spacers.

Brooklyn Nets - A Draft Pick, Best Player Available

The Nets have needs across the roster as they really don't have keepers on the roster outside of possibly Lopez, who has been an injury risk throughout his career. Of course it would help if the Nets had a pick, but unfortunately it is owed to the Celtics and the Clippers may be able to swap second-rounders with them as well.

New York Knicks - PG, SG, Shooting

Calderon and Afflalo are one of the league's older backcourt combinations and Afflalo can opt-out this summer while Calderon is off the books in 2017. Getting a youth infusion in the backcourt is the top priority as well as a lights-out shooter to space the floor.

Philadelphia 76ers - SG, SF, PG

The Sixers have some pieces now in the frontcourt with Okafor and Noel. Ish Smith has been great since coming over so the focus should be on the wings first and foremost. Philly still needs improvements across the board, however so nearly all positions and skillsets are possibilities.

Toronto Raptors - PF, SG, Rebounding

An upgrade at power forward is the most glaring need for the Raptors as both cola and Johnson are free agents and Patterson is better coming off the bench. A good wing is necessary either as an upgrade on Ross or a replacement for Derozan who may bolt in free agency. Someone to pick up the rebounding slack would also help.

Central Division

Chicago Bulls - C, PG, Scoring

Noah is a free agent and Gasol can opt-out in 2016 while Gibson is off the books in 2017 so getting a big man to fill that role stands out as the biggest need. The uncertain future of Derrick Rose also makes point guard a real possibility and the team could use an offensive boost.

Cleveland Cavaliers - SG, SF, Defender

With new coach Tyronn Lue wanting to install an up-tempo offense, the Cavs must upgrade on the wing, in particular a true ‘3-and-D' wing would be the best option. LeBron is better suited at the power forward position at this stage of his career so a wing allowing Cleveland to go small would be ideal.

Detroit Pistons - PF, PG, Shooting

The likes of Ersan Ilyasova and Anthony Tolliver are not going to cut it next to Drummond and both could be gone after this year. Jennings is a free agent as well leaving a big hole behind Reggie Jackson and the team could also use some more shooting as KCP is the only consistent deep threat.

Indiana Pacers - PF, PG, C, Rebounding

The Pacers could really use another big to pair with Myles Turner and improve their porous rebounding numbers. An upgrade at point guard would help as well as George Hill isn't quite what he used to be.

Milwaukee Bucks - PG, SG, Shooting

OJ Mayo, Jerryd Bayless, and Greivis Vasquez are all unrestricted free agents this summer so improving their depth in the backcourt will likely be a priority. Doing so with someone who can stretch the floor would make sense as Middleton remains the only true deep threat.

Southeast Division

Atlanta Hawks - SF, C, Rebounding

The Hawks are in danger of losing two key starters as Al Horford and Kent Bazemore are unrestricted free agents this summer. Losing DeMarre Carroll has hurt them and getting a true replacement is important, as is another big in case Horford bolts. Improving their rebounding should also be on the Hawks' agenda.

Charlotte Hornets - PF, SG, C, Offense

Another team in danger of losing multiple starters as Al Jefferson, Marvin Williams and Nicolas Batum may all be gone this summer. Offense should be their focus as the Hornets are currently one of the worst shooting teams in the league and they will need someone to help take pressure off of Kemba.

Miami Heat - C, SG, Shooting

Hassan Whiteside could leave this summer and the Heat must find a replacement for Dwyane Wade at some point. Luol Deng is also a free agent making the need for help on the wings a must. Chris Bosh is the team's best shooter at this point so getting a floor spacer would make sense.

Orlando Magic - Best Player Available, Rebounding

Orlando is in that difficult spot where they have young talent at every position and are likely better off turning a couple of those pieces into a superstar. They are in the position to grab the best player available, but someone who could improve their rebounding, as well as another shooter would be best.

Washington Wizards - PF, C, Defense

The Wizards clearly need a huge upgrade in the frontcourt as Nene is past his prime at this stage and Gortat is solid, but not great. The Wizards badly need a defensive minded-big who can improve their terrible rebounding and defensive numbers while also serving as a role man for John Wall on pick-and-rolls.