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Bradley Beal
Ht/Wt: 6-5 / 195 lbs
Position: SG
Team: Florida
Class: Freshman

2012 Draft Profile - Bradley Beal

Beal didnít surprise me in his success at his lone season at Florida or his NBA prospects but he did surprise me some in his game. Coming into the season I thought Bradley had the look of a complete SG in the mold of Eric Gordon or even Ray Allen he has been compared to but as the season went along he profiles as less of a traditional SG than I thought. At 6ft3 200lbs Beal has a powerful build and puts it to use as he put up outstanding rebounding numbers for a guard, Beal also shows that he is a physical and affective defender at his position. He has brothers that play NCAA football and his build is similar to Dwayne Wade, wide shoulders, long arms, and a thick lower half, he is not quite as explosive as wade but he is a smooth, yet powerful athlete that has no problem getting to the hoop when he gets a crease. Despite being a new age unique power guard Beal is also very comfortable on the perimeter he is an accurate jump shooter with range out to the 3 pt line, and good FT shooter, very good looking shooting stroke. Beal has great intangibles, makes players around him better, is competitive and consistent.

Beal is a couple inches short of ideal height but it isnít a problem because he plays bigger. He is not much of an iso guy, he needs a play designed for him or someone to create in order to score, or he finds buckets by out hustling or making athletic plays. Beal is not a guy that can get a good shot for himself at will, for a guard that is projected top 10 or even top 5 he may be limited as a scorer and be a teamís 3rd option instead of 1st or 2nd that you prefer when drafting this high.

I call Beal a power guard, not many in that category, maybe Bill Walker Q Richardson but it is hard to make a comparison. I definitely see Beal as a starting SG, possibly in All Star if his outside shot keeps improving. Beal will be a good player on both ends of the court and with his intangibles and youth, he is a good pick 5-10.
Player profile submitted by: Tom Patterson

A four-year letterman and state champion at Chaminade College Preparatory School in St. Louis, Beal continued his success in his freshman season at Florida, averaging 14.8 points, 6.7 rebounds, and 2.2 assists per game.

Bealís key asset is his ability shoot. He possesses nearly unlimited range and is dependable from the free throw line. Since his junior year in high school, scouts have compared Bealís shooting ability to that of Ray Allen. His shooting prowess especially showed itself in the 2012 NCAA Tournament, where he shot 8-19 from three point land in four tournament games.

Two other key elements that set him apart from the average division one shooting guard are his unselfishness and intense work ethic. Beal is a natural basketball player--he does not take many forced shots, attacks the rim when the opportunity presents itself, and makes smart decisions on passes. Also, Beal devotes significant time to making his game better--even in high school, he would come before school to shoot and would stay after practice to work on his shooting most days of the week, proving that he has known the value of working hard since a young age.

At 6í3Ē, Beal will have to adjust to being shorter than most of his defenders in the NBA, but his dual ability to shoot and penetrate should be enough to make up for his slight height disadvantage. Though Beal is smart with handling the basketball, he lacks the moves and skill to become a primary ball handler. Beal is an above average defender with an impressive rebounding ability for a guard (he led the SEC in rebounds by a guard his freshman year) and good athleticism.

Beal should be a lock for a draft slot in the top ten, and he will surely fit in to any teamís playbook.
Player profile submitted by: Ryan Blake

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