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John Collins
Ht/Wt: 6'10" / 218 lbs
Position: PF
Team: Wake Forest
Class: Sophomore

2017 Draft Profile - John Collins

Strengths: John Collins in an athletic specimen at 6í 10Ē, as he resided as a center for Wake Forrest, but will likely see action as a power forward in the NBA. For a big man, his midrange jump shot is lethal, as he regularly relies on it to help mix things up against defenders. He isnít afraid to step out, with a soft touch that should translate well into the NBA.

Any big man in the NBA needs to be able to roam off the ball in order to have success. During countless pick and roll scenarios, Collins is able to create separation and a passing angle for his guard, to make easier passing lanes. He also is able to space the floor and canít be left open under the basket.

One of his best assets going into the NBA is the great use of his hands, as he has the soft hands required to be able to catch tricky or difficult passes from his teammates. While rolling to the rim, he isnít afraid to use his athleticism to create lob situations or angles where he can get dump off opportunities.

Another great asset as a big man is his ability to crash rebounds. Draft Express stated he averages about 14.5 rebounds per 40 minutes of action, which is phenomenal. During many of his contests he does an active job of finding a big man and boxing them out, relying on his great motor and hands to grab the rebound.

Weaknesses: Relying strictly on athleticism may require an adjustment in the NBA, as there are always stronger or higher jumping players. He will need to work on his fundamental game when taking the next step to the NBA, in order to build upon the strong pillars he already has.

His defense can certainly use some work, as he is capable of being beat off the dribble. His defensive stance can seem a bit lazy and upright, which means quicker players will have an advantage going by him. Although his athleticism bails him out of defensive breakdowns, heíll need to stay lower to the ground and work on his bursts.

A little more weight to his frame would go a long way, as it may be physically draining for him to guard a big man that is clearly stronger than he is. He clearly needs to work on his free throw game, as he is a poor shooter from the charity stripe.

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