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Thomas Bryant
Ht/Wt: 6'11" / 241 lbs
Position: C
Team: Indiana
Class: Sophomore

2017 Draft Profile - Thomas Bryant

Strength: Thomas Bryant is surely a large specimen at the collegiate level, as his large frame surely imposes quite the threat. With a wingspan at about 7’ 6”, he has great length around the rim and uses it to his advantage, with many tip rebounds to himself or put backs near the rim.

He has a great motor while on the floor, running the lanes in transition when he can get some momentum going. He plays with constant hustle and is always involved in 50/50 balls. He does a great job of using his weight to his advantage, with a large upper body that can back down or provide quite the defensive presence.

His large frame is excellent for low-post scoring opportunities, as he does a tremendous job at sealing off defenders around the rim. His decent ball handling is a bit of a surprise, but will likely not be needed as much at the NBA level.

Weaknesses: Although he does have a large frame, it can be exploited at the NBA level. Against similar body types, his touch around the rim isn’t as soft and fluid, as he is capable of missing post up shots around the rim often.

A key disadvantage for him is his lack of explosiveness on both ends of the floor. Offensively, he doesn’t have a spring to jump off of and takes a while to collect himself for dunk attempts. Against NBA caliber athletes, timing is everything, especially with athletic specimens jumping at you.

Defensively, his lack of a burst certainly hurts his shot blocking ability around the rim. Often times his length will bail out his slow movements defensively around the rim, but it takes him a while to get off the floor unless he is timing a block.

Scoring at the NBA level will be more difficult without a set of post moves he can use, as the easy baskets around the rim will be more difficult to come by. His offensive game will surely need to be polished, but he can benefit from a NBA coach who can specialize and develop him.

His footwork and hands can be raw at times, meaning that he can be poorly coordinated compared to other athletes, but that doesn’t stop his motor and competitiveness. Needs to also improve decision making, especially with ball in his hands.

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