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Mason Plumlee
Ht/Wt: 7-0 / 240 lbs
Position: PF/C
Team: Duke
Class: Senior

2013 Draft Profile - Mason Plumlee

The brothers Plumlee, along with the Zeller's and Hansbrough's, are producing some great brother acts in the NBA. Mason made a wise decision returning for his senior year, as his game has been dialed up a couple notches. His shooting percentages are up across the board, and his interior repertoire is much improved, so clearly he's been working on the fundamentals. Plumlee is averaging a rather astounding 19 points a game so far his senior year, and 11 boards. Those are player of the year numbers, and one wonders if Plumlee isn't almost ahead of Cody at this point. Plumlee stands 6’ 11", and has filled out to a solid, if lean, 240 lbs. While not an elite athlete, he is certainly better than the perception I think, and I suspect the way things are going, he'll end up a top ten pick. Great hands, a solid skill set, and high hoop IQ -- coupled to six eleven, rarely means you last long on draft day.

Plumlee likes his brother Miles is really a four, though he'll get looks as a five. These days the definitions for these positions are pretty fluid anyway. Plumlee isn't going to ever be a first option scorer or elite defender. But what he does do, is score enough. He is efficient enough to be a starter, and his defense is sound, if not overpowering. He knows how to play, and has no off court issues. He has stayed healthy, another positive for the Duke senior. This breakout season has solidified Plumlee as a lottery pick.
Player profile submitted by: John Steppling - Dec. 3rd 2012

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2012 Draft Profile - Mason Plumlee

At close to 7ft and 230lbs Plumlee has a good long, lean and muscular frame and as the son of 2 former hoop stars it doesn’t take long to see that Mason has a lot of ability. For a player his size Mason has exceptional mobility, he runs the floor very well and is a very fluid athlete. He has good coordination around the cup where he converts a lot of easy buckets and makes a formidable rebounder and shot blocker. His height and athleticism really stands out and often times he is the most active player on the floor, he can defend on the low blocks as well as out to mid range comfortably, Mason has good conditioning and consistently out-competes his man on the boards as well as on loose balls and hustle plays Plumlee gives his team a lot of extra possessions. Plumlee is unselfish and has improved as a passer and what bodes well is that for how good and aggressive he is defensively he does a great job of avoiding foul trouble.

His negatives start with being an abysmal FT shooter and overall has a limited feel on the offensive end. Many of those who gush over Plumlee’s tools have been disappointed that he does not have much of a post up game, his scoring comes from put backs and early offense and ally oops. He doesn’t have a consistent jumper yet either and for someone who is so long and so athletic Im surprised he is not a more dominant shot blocker.

I think that Mason Plumlee is the closest thing to Tyson Chandler you can find with his height and mobility. Like Chandler has done over the years Plumlee will need to work on his weaknesses and learn to play around them enough to be a starter in the NBA. Even though he is not looked at as a center right now I think that is where he will have the most value in the NBA.
Player profile submitted by: Tom Patterson

2011 Draft Profile - Mason Plumlee

This guy has Josh McRoberts written all over him. That is not necessarily a bad thing but his Duke career is following down the same path. Mason is so darn talented and athletic, that he should be producing more on a nightly bases. The NBA is always in search for athletic bigs with soft hands and nimble feet that runs the court like a Clydesdale, and that is what he does best. He shows the ability to be a very good weak side defender and shot blocker. I like his long term upside and if he can expand his range he can have a long and productive career.
Player profile submitted by: Monta Williams of Blueprintscouting.com

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